Cornerstone Magazine Fall 2015 - Page 3

Contents ART & PHOTOGRAPHY NON-FICTION FICTION & POETRY 3 Bridge SUJAY NATSON 2 Letter from the Editor NICHOLAS CHUAN 6 Under the Painted Sky ANNA DELAMERCED 5 Good Friday in Santiago de Compostela SUJAY NATSON 4 Religion in the Age of Religious Terrorism THOMAS HALE 14 Irrepressible Gyroscope STACIA JOY GRABBER 6 Sunset Over the Pond in Iceland SUJAY NATSON 8 Partnering With God for Sanctification NICHOLAS CHUAN 9 Signs in Spain SUJAY NATSON 10 Unedited ISABELLA MARTINEZ 10 Sunset in Cadiz ISABELLA MARTINEZ 12 Finding Providence JENNIFER CURRIER 13 Far From Tivoli LAUREN GALVAN 16 An Interview with Professor Susan Ashbrook Harvey 14 Wheel, London SUJAY NATSON 15 On Wings Across Leaf Mountain LAUREN GALVAN 17 Beneath the White, There Are Catholic Walls LAUREN GALVAN 18 Douarnenez Sunset ISABELLA MARTINEZ 20 Pilgrimage DIEGO LUIS 15 Im/mortal STACIA JOY GRABBER 18 when you look up ANNA DELAMERCED 19 Today I Wore Pink ALLISON BRIGHT DOLCY 25 Upside Down Definitions MATTHEW MARTINEZ JUSTIN SOHN 20 On Missions BRANDON CHIA 22 #where’sbae? GLORIA EISSEN 26 Church Spotlights 33 A Prayer for Brown and RISD REV. KIRSTIN BOSWELL-FORD 22 Light, New Hampshire SUJAY NATSON 24 Bobbing Boats ISABELLA MARTNEZ 26 Doors to Cologne SUJAY NATSON 28 Branches Against Sky SUJAY NATSON 29 In Line, Munich SUJAY NATSON Mission Statement Cornerstone Magazine seeks first and foremost to celebrate the Christian Gospel by presenting its richness and beauty to Brown and RISD students and faculty. Open to those of all denominational persuasions, we provide a literary and artistic outlet for followers of Christ. We publish works of art, prose and poetry that exhibit intelligent and creative approaches to current events, history and Christianity in general. Fall 2015 5