Cornerstone Magazine Fall 2015 - Page 23

for God, but rather, it is about the hearts that are turned to Christ. It is not about the numbers, but about each individual and each soul that comes to Christ which truly matters. Missions aims at, brings about and is fuelled by the worship of Jesus Where is my missions field? Missionary organizations offer programmes to equip and send those with the distinct call to be missionaries in a place not their own. The work of missionaries is also enabled by the work of families, home churches and friends in praying, supporting, and caring for those in the missions field. In another sense, the Christian should see the home as a lifelong missions field. The Great Commission is very much addressed to every disciple of Christ. So let us seek to share the hope that is found in Christ with our coworkers, friends, families, and neighbors. Indeed, it is a privilege to be called to share the peace, love and hope of God wherever we find ourselves. God doesn’t need us, but is pleased to call us into partnership in His work of changing hearts and lives, of restoring individuals to live as they were truly intended to live, and of being part of the greatest story ever told. So for the Christian, missions may be about many things; a call to obedience, a spirit of discipleship, a partnership with God, a heart of worship, and a means of development. Nonetheless, the heart of missions is a striving to be salt and light in a world that very much needs to know God, such that, as it is written in Psalms 67:4, ‘the nations may be glad and sing for joy’. Brandon Chia is a freshman concentrating in economics. Pilgrimage Diego Luis G’22 Fall 2015 21