CORE MAGAZINE August 2017 | Page 58


Core Group: Public portfolio & first burn

The Core Group has recently completed its first public token burn on the Waves Platform, taking the occasion to unveil the new Core Group public portfolio, built on the CryptoCompare website.

The supply. The first CORE token burn can be seen here.

The Core Group also strives to stay loyal to the fundamental principles of blockchain technology itself, including transparency. As so, the Core Group public portfolio can now be seen here, giving CORE token holders a comprehensive view of the treasury.

CORE token buy-back & burn program

Founded in 2015, the Core Group is a community-driven project that seeks to bring reliable information to the blockchain community, while building a distributed business model that benefits everyone involved in the project, be its workers or supporters. As so, the Core Group is currently a pioneer in the distributed economy field, an endeavour made possible through the CORE token.

The CORE token is a Waves-based asset, recently ported from the NXT blockchain. This token represents a form of “ownership” in the ventures and assets managed by the Core group, including Core Media, Core Magazine, Core Radio and the Core Group Portfolio. The CORE token currently runs on a buy-back & burn program.

Through the buy-back & burn program, 50% of all profits netted by the Core Group ventures and trading are used to buy CORE tokens from traditional exchanges and from the Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX). These tokens are then destroyed in a public and verifiable manner by being sent to an unspendable address.

Core Group Portfolio

Armed with years of knowledge and expertise in the field of trading, the Core Group team keeps a healthy portfolio that was first acquired with the profits from CORE token sales. This means that the token itself is not only backed by the media ventures run by the Core Group, but is also backed by the value of the portfolio itself.

The creation of the Core Group public portfolio on CryptoCompare brings many advantages both for the team members running the portfolio itself and for the CORE community members that want to stay up to date with all the moves of the portfolio.

So, what are these advantages? For starters, anyone can get a quick and comprehensive view of the current state of the portfolio, including individual holdings, their value, the % change since they were bought and the overall $ value of the portfolio. That’s not all, though.

Among the advanced features provided by CryptoCompare is the ability to see which coins were sold, when they were sold and how much profit was realized from that action.

Furthermore, the website also provides useful analysis for the portfolio itself, including a risk analysis tab where volatility, liquidity, variety and wallet/exchange exposure can be measured. Users can also take advantage of the "advanced chart" option which provides more detailed information on the performance and volatility of the portfolio.

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