Corduroy Look Book 2020 Corduroy Look Book Boxercraft | Page 4

CORDUROY VINTAGE IS BACK IN A BIG WAY! Flashing major throwback vibes, corduroy is excellent for add- ing texture to outfitting. Although its popularity has fluctuated over the decades, corduroy is one of those fabrics that always seems to make a comeback. It was most popular in the 1950s and ‘60s and has now resurfaced in a big way! Corduroy’s defining characteristic is the rows of ridges (raised lines called wales) that run the length of the fabric. These wales, or cords, create a velvety soft feel that’s not only com- fortable to wear but also adds visual interest to any garment. Corduroy is traditionally labeled a cold-weather staple based on its durability and warmth. Evolving with the times, mod- ern-day corduroy is commonly made of lighter weight mate- rial that can easily transition between seasons. This textured fabric is a popular pick for men and women garments alike. Boxercraft’s corduroy collection comes in a variety of colors and unisex sizing for women, men, and youth. Unlike traditional heavyweight cords, Boxercraft’s rendition is crafted from a mid-weight fabric blend that features 8.3 oz., 60/40 cotton and polyester corduroy knit with a stone and en- zyme wash finish. This modernized material appeals with soft mini ridges for a trendy look in everyday wear. The garment’s interior offers a smooth surface that’s equally as soft as the exterior. Corduroy is a unique fabric choice that easily coordinates with jeans, leggings, and joggers. Simple lines allow the fabric’s texture to balance graphics for superior results. Boxercraft decoration options include screen print and embroidery. Cor- duroy can also be debossed, embossed, and even lasered for a custom look. 4