Conversations From the Open Road - Page 28

Our 1st Initiative to continue the work:

We were able to find 6 hard-working, mature and eager young adults to travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in July to learn about a pioneering approach to combat our national crisis of opioid addiction. This innovative program is challenging the incarceration-first and incarceration-only approach we have historically followed for addiction-related crimes and criminals.

These students have chosen to be involved in this project for at least a year, beyond the immersive 2-week experience and presentation at film festivals.

They will also be presenting their documentary collection to particular stakeholders in Vermont and facilitate community dialogues about this issue.

We have initially partnered up with the Attorney General's office, Chittendon County's RICC Program, Turning Point Center, Brandon Cares and Addison County United Way.

We are positioning these students to be part of the dialogue shaping both policy and our cultural understanding of this crisis in Vermont.