Conversations From the Open Road - Page 2

Conversations From the Open Road is a citizen journalism, visual and digital media program for Vermont high school

and college students.

This is an experience for students

to learn about and engage with our world in a meaningful way.

5-6 high school students, 1 college student intern, a videographer and I travel to a part of our country to learn from the individuals and communities on the front lines of a particular struggle.

We interview individuals, community organizations, business leaders, government officials and strangers 'on the street': we listen to as many individuals as we can in order to learn the layers of truth and perspective. We collaboratively gather audio, video and digital photography. By the end of our 2-week immersion, each student crafts and produces a documentary short reflecting a thread of the place and people.

We earnestly share these stories around Vermont at film festivals and community discussions.

and related events,

in hopes of weaving a closer humanity.