Conversations From the Open Road - Page 17

We intend to be part of the educational landscape in Vermont.

We continue to reach out to as many schools and teachers as possible. We are actively seeking collaboration with both particular curriculum and teachers, and also become a recognized opportunity for students to receive credit.

In this way, we are particularly aligned with Vermont's Flexible Pathways legislative mandate.

Partnership with Champlain Valley Union High School, Nexus Program

In 2017, we organized a program for a Nexus student, Keenan Reinsborough. His short documentary, created on our Mississippi trip, will be his capstone project for his junior year.

For the 2017/2018 school year, another student will be receiving credit for her documentary short created on our Santa Fe trip.

Continued Partnership with Burlington High School: Y.E.S. Program

We are in our 2nd year conducting an independent 2 week unit with students, during the Year End Studies program, the Partnership for Change and Act 77: Flexible Pathways.

Continued Partnership with Vermont Commons High School

Working with an ally teacher and receptive administration, we are building off of last September's week-long program to strengthen the model and cultivate deeper curricular tie-ins.