Conversations From the Open Road - Page 16

Continued partnership with Vermont Folklife Center

CFTOR is considered an arm of this admired non-profit. We continue to collaborate and plan for how to spread the philosophical underpinnings and technical skills of ethnography and oral history further in Vermont schools.

More developed Partnership with Channel 17

We are collaborating to grow more informed and skilled young citizens, using CFTOR's model.

Continued Partnership with Young Writers Project

We continue to try different ways to entwine our programs and learning models in order to broaden our reach with students and to enrich both opportunities.

Continued Partnership with Green Mountain Film Festival and Scout Film Festival

GMFF and Scout have showcased our shorts for the last 4 years on the 2nd Saturday of their festival in March. They continue to celebrate our students' work in their PR publications.

More developed partnership with Focus on Film

Focus on Film staff and I collaborated on an afternoon workshop intended to grow their young audience of media producers and consumers. We look forward to configuring better ways to engaging young adults in this powerful model of communication.


We appreciate and learn so much from all of our partnerships: