Conversations From the Open Road - Page 14

Here's what some parents are saying...

By participating in this project, Miles developed the confidence to talk to question and thus genuinely appreciate the perspectives of people very different than himself. Upon his return, the depth of the connections he had made enabled him to effortlessly articulate aspects of the journey that he found poignant. Empowering teens in this way is bound to have a positive impact how they approach and tackle these challenging issues in their future.

Melissa Scanlon

I can say that not a day has passed since her return that Eva has not brought up some aspect of her trip to Utah. While already a self-confident person, the exposure to new people in new settings has only increased her curiosity about the world around her.

Carla Mayo

Tobias came home saying that this trip was probably one of the top experiences of his life. He was certainly pushed outside of his comfort zone, which resulted in interactions with people he might not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet.

Rebecca Freedner