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contentsecurity_cs 03/10/2014 03:06 Page 1 EUROMEDIA ContentSecurity 2014 Report: Most top movies and TV available legally online argely debunking the argument that online piracy is driven by the lack of availability of top movie and TV titles, a study carried out by consultancy firm KPMG on behalf of NBCUniversal looked at the availability of the most popular and critically acclaimed film and TV titles on legal digital streaming and download services and found a relatively high proportion of those film and TV titles were legally available in a digital format to US consumers. Primary research for KPMG’s Film and TV Title Availability in the Digital Age report was conducted between October 2013 and December 2013 (with research on the availability of ‘Independent’ film titles conducted in March 2014). KPMG selected a sample of 808 film titles and 724 television titles representing both the most popular and most critically acclaimed works, and analysed the availability of these titles on 34 competing legal online VoD services such as iTunes, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and others. “Our research found a significant number of digital films and television shows are available through a growing variety of online VoD platforms in recent years, and consumers are the beneficiaries,” said Sanjaya Krishna, principal of KPMG’s media and telecommunications practice in the US. “With the proliferation of connected devices and increased adoption of VOD services, we expect consumers will continue to have expanded choice and availability of video content.” “This is the first comprehensive research review of a large sample of the most popular and critically acclaimed films and television shows available for consumers to watch when and where they want,” said Guy Di Piazza, director of KPMG’s media and telecommunications practice in the US. “With L digital viewing becoming so prominent, this report presents a vivid picture of the extensive availability of digital offerings throughout the US.” As of December 2013, KPMG found that 94% of the 808 films identified were available via online VOD distribution on at least one of the 34 service offerings studied. Specifically, the following percentages of films were available in the samples reviewed: Modular security model from Conax Conax, part of the Kudelski Group and provider of total service protection for content service providers, content owners and entertainment services, has further strengthened its flagship Conax Contego security hub and OTT portfolio and is introducing a completely modular product deployment and pricing strategy. l 100% of 2012 US top 100 box office hits l 100% of all 85 Oscarwinning best films l 100% of all 60 Indie top hit films from 2011-2013 l 98% of US Top 20 box office hits each year from 2000 through 2010 l 96% of the American Film Institute’s Top 100 critically acclaimed films l 77% of 2013 US Top 100 box office hits (including films that were still in first-run in theatres at the time of the study) As of December 2013, KPMG found that 81% of the 808 unique films studied were available on at least 10 of the 34 online VoD service providers. Only 50 of the films studied were not available on any of the 34 online video offerings that KPMG reviewed. Turning to television, KPMG’s report found the following percentages of shows were available via online VoD distribution on at least one of the 34 services studied: l 96% of the Top 100 US TV shows in 2012 l 96% of modern hit TV shows (pre-2011) l 95% of the Top 100 US TV shows in 2011 l 87% of the Top 100 US TV shows in 2013 According to KPMG, the findings of the study show that ‘premium high quality video content’ on online video distribution platforms appears to be widely available to US consumers – movies more so than TV shows. “We do not expect this to change in the short term,” it advises. The benchmark modular approach to building a content security platform and hybrid multiscreen offerings provides low initial investment, enabling operators to buy what they need and pay as they grow their business – also providing low risk entry to deploying advanced multiscreen and OTT services. In addition, Conax announced that it intends to offer complimentary product offerings, leveraging the opportunities within the Kudelski Group product portfolio by adding support for solutions within the group. “As a part of the Kudelski Group, Conax belongs to a winning constellation of highly successful companies serving the same dynamic industry. We now have access to additional tools for enabling rapid deployment of new additional product and partner solutions. This is a key message for our customers,” said Morten Solbakken, president and CEO of Conax.