Contact Center Pipeline September 2022 September 2022 - Page 38

For example , one of Canada ’ s largest banks has fully embraced CX testing innovation .
With 6,000 agents dispersed between four major contact centers and numerous satellites , as well as many agents working remotely during the pandemic , the bank was struggling to gain visibility into contact center issues and needed a unified view of call center operations .
The director of DevOps and engineering transformation needed a better way for IT and the engineering team to monitor call performance and conduct stress tests .
They conducted load testing of the production environment , which enabled them to identify a weak spot that needed to be addressed .
Instead of waiting for an issue to arise , the team was able to find a bug early on and resolve it to prevent it from becoming a real client impact issue in the future .
With continuous CX testing , the bank can now diagnose problems much faster and from wherever the customer support agent is located . By embracing a continuous testing mindset , organizations are able to mitigate disruptions that remote agents experience to help them deliver excellent CX , regardless of their location .
The flexibility of remote contact centers offers many benefits in today ’ s global , 24 / 7 economy amid fears of uncertainty .
Organizations can reach customers in new markets and , conversely , consumers can purchase a much wider range of products from anywhere . However , this also presents a new set of challenges to contact centers that handle incoming round-the-clock customer inquiries .
For remote agents to deliver a stellar CX , they must have access to the right capabilities , data , and analytics — and that information must be there for athome agents to access from a single system , wherever they are located .
But disconnected and disparate systems that cannot communicate with one another can lessen at-home agents ’ productivity and result in inaccuracies in customer data .
For the customer , this often leads to repeating the same information to multiple agents and feeling like a solution will never be reached .
But modern CX solutions that are thoroughly tested help IT assist WFH agents faster and reduces the frequency , severity , and duration of technical issues and enables these employees to provide faster , better-informed resolutions for the customers .
Companies must examine all the ways their contact centers can assist with business continuity to be prepared during periods of disruption like we are facing now .
Whether the business offers a product or a service , contact centers remain the front line of communication with the customer .
Contact centers , therefore , must be optimized to effectively manage entire databases of customer information , resolve concerns in ample time , and build brand loyalty — all while navigating the nuanced , complex waters of remote work .
James Isaacs is president of Cyara . He is responsible for all customer-facing , operational aspects of the company on a global basis including marketing , business development , sales and pre-sales , professional services , domain consulting , customer success , education and training , support , channels , and customer satisfaction . He has a BA in International Relations with an emphasis in Economics from Stanford University , and an MBA from the University of California , Berkeley .


IVR systems are not just important for providing swift , cost-effective CX . They are integral to customer service and employee communications frontlines when disasters threaten and strike by providing essential messages to customers and employees alike .
This goes for companies operating in stricken or targeted areas as well as ones that provide critical services , like communications , health , power , water , transportation , and yes , relief .
IVR is also mission-critical for 911 and for governments , which frees up personnel for disaster preparation and response . So , it is paramount that the IVR systems function flawlessly under the most rigorous conditions .
One of the greatest challenges that companies now face is how to handle the growing complexity of increasingly sophisticated IVR systems . These complex systems need to be carefully monitored and maintained to ensure they continue to deliver the experience customers expect .
As a result , the need for comprehensive IVR testing solutions has also grown significantly . In addition to catching technical errors , IVR testing makes it possible to view the IVR journey from the customer ’ s perspective and ensure it is as convenient and easy to follow as possible .
Companies may think they have an intuitive system , but without proper testing , you could be leaving users confused and unable to get the answers they need .
Some businesses rely on IT staff to manually test that changes to an IVR have been deployed correctly . However , manual testing is both time-consuming and expensive . Automating the process of IVR testing removes these barriers . With an automated solution , it is possible to test more often and more thoroughly , to ensure performance consistency and catch issues before they affect your CX .