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manage every interaction , which can lead to improved CSAT , reduced AHTs , and accelerated post-engagement wrap-ups .
There are , of course , opportunities for the AI to support agents with cross-selling and upselling , which can have a positive impact on revenue .
Taken together , simultaneously improving the customer and the agent experience builds in greater resiliency to your operation . But there ’ s a second element here , too , and it ’ s particularly relevant to the supply chain headlines .
Let ’ s say , for example , that you ’ ve brought a product to market , and it goes wild on social media . Now it ’ s sold out everywhere , and worse , hundreds of outstanding orders have fulfillment delays .
Brands that have deployed contact center AI solutions can solve this dual-edged challenge : by communicating the delays to customers while salvaging sales that might otherwise be lost .
With an AI-powered virtual assistant for the contact center , you can automate this customer support issue , and do so in ways that won ’ t overburden your contact center agents .
This AI tool can proactively and automatically notify consumers of the fulfillment delay , confirm updated timelines , offer choices on how to resolve the issue , and suggest alternative products .
EFFECTIVENESS There will always be customers who require more hands-on help , and a contact center virtual assistant can intelligently route these customers to live agents who are adept at serving these customers .
It ’ s not just about escalating customers ' matters to the agents , however ; contact center AI does so in a way that provides agents with the full context of the interactions , necessary background information and resources , and even suggested dialogs to quickly resolve an issue or salvage a sale .
Even before the live agent conversation begins , the contact center AI can streamline and automate the customer authentication process too .
The AI solution shares authentication data from self-service engagements with live agents , smoothing out the call transfer process and making sure customers don ’ t have to repeat themselves .
Throughout the interactions , the AI can help ensure the agents are still engaged with the true customers and that fraudsters haven ' t intercepted the engagements . When you consider that retailers lose about $ 24 billion every year to fraud just related to customer service chargebacks , beefing up your fraud prevention strategies has never been more important .
Your contact center ’ s success depends on the success of your agents , so it ’ s important that the contact center AI also provide insights and analytics to further optimize every customer engagement , streamline operations , and so on .
A contact center AI solution can do this by analyzing conversations and customer journeys and by learning from the best live agents to identify best practices and help you replicate them across your contact center .
In this way , you can easily uncover areas where feedback , coaching , and training would create a continuous improvement loop so that agents and virtual assistants alike can perform at their best . At the end of the day , optimizing agent effectiveness translates into higher satisfaction at work , which can then translate into lower turnover rates .
3 . CREATE PERSONALIZED CXS Another core aspect of the contact center AI is its ability to identify each customer to create more personalized experiences .
Instead of relying on an ANI database to identify callers , contact center AI builds out a profile for each customer , giving brands insights into your customers ’ identities , order histories , browsing histories , and more .
With this information , you can do more than just personalize the CX : you can also predict what customers will need or want to do next .
For example , you can enable your contact center AI to intercept calls about order status in the IVR system , proactively asking the customer if they ’ re calling about their recent order .
If the answer is yes , the virtual assistant can deliver a real-time status update . The assistant can also ask the customer if there ’ s anything else they need help with and either answer those questions or escalate the call to a live agent .
Engaging customers in this way can significantly reduce contact center volumes , shifting some of the burden from your agents while creating more positive CXs . And as long as the labor market and supply chain remain disrupted , this shift is essential .
4 . TEAR DOWN SILOS Supply chain disruptions are difficult for everyone , but especially for the customers . In order to provide a positive CX , contact center agents need to be equipped with up-to-date , personalized customer information .
Contact center AI can provide agents with contextual , real-time recommendations to readily answer customer inquiries about order statuses or inventory updates , resulting in a frictionless interaction .
Additionally , contact center AI solutions can give a complete view of customer engagements across all channels to streamline processes , reduce customer effort , and uncover new operational efficiencies in the contact center .
When provided with a unified view of customer engagement , the entire CX improves – leading to easily identified areas of improvement and better detection of potential disruptions before they become real issues .
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