Contact Center Pipeline May 2023 | Page 18

Omnichannel contact centers , which operate across multiple channels such as phone , email , chat , video , and social media , can benefit from Generative AI as part of an overall contact center solution by providing consistent responses across all channels , thereby improving CX .
It ' s important to note that Generative AI may not be appropriate for every type of contact center and use case . For instance , in situations where compliance is crucial , such as in the pharmaceutical industry , Generative AI may lack the explainability and fully deterministic behavior of traditional bot experiences .
Nevertheless , when Generative AI is employed to develop bots ( as opposed to being used with live customer input ), conversation designers may benefit from a faster time-to-ROI while maintaining complete control over the end-user experience .
Therefore , a thorough assessment of the needs and objectives of the contact center should be undertaken before implementing this technology . Additionally , effective training and support should be provided for agents to help them work effectively with Generative AI .
Generative AI is an exciting and rapidly evolving technology that has the potential to transform contact centers by improving efficiency and enhancing CX .
However , effectively implementing Generative AI in a contact center requires careful planning and a wellthought-out strategy , which includes integration with an ECAIP .
Here are some recommendations for contact center managers who are considering using Generative AI .
Assess your needs . Start by conducting a thorough assessment of your contact center ' s needs and objectives . Identify areas where Generative AI can add value and improve efficiency and consider whether it is the right technology for your contact center .
Develop a clear strategy . Before implementing Generative AI , develop a clear strategy that outlines the goals , objectives , and expected outcomes of the technology . This will help ensure that the implementation is successful and meets the needs of the contact center .
Provide effective training and support . Agents play a critical role in the success of Generative AI , so it is important to provide them with effective training and support to help them work effectively with the technology . This can include training on the use of the technology , as well as training on the company ' s customer service policies and procedures .
Focus on quality control . Ensuring the quality of the automated responses generated by Generative AI is critical to its success . Regularly review and update the AI models to ensure that the responses are accurate , relevant , and consistent with the brand ' s tone of voice . ... A THOROUGH ASSESSMENT OF THE NEEDS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE CONTACT CENTER SHOULD BE UNDERTAKEN BEFORE IMPLEMENTING THIS TECHNOLOGY .
Monitor and evaluate performance . Regularly monitor and evaluate the performance of Generative AI in your contact center , including its impact on efficiency , customer satisfaction , and agent workload . This will help identify areas for improvement and ensure that the technology continues to meet the needs of the contact center .
Be prepared for challenges . Implementing Generative AI in a contact center will come with its own set of challenges , such as building trust with customers and overcoming skepticism . Be prepared for these challenges and have a plan in place to address them .
With the right planning and implementation , Generative AI can be a valuable tool for contact centers to achieve their efficiency goals and improve their CX .
As Senior Vice President , Business Development and Strategy at Cognigy , Hardy Myers works closely with Cognigy ’ s co-founders and senior management team to develop the company ’ s strategic priorities , secure and activate partnerships , and implement the optimal business processes to achieve Cognigy ’ s strategic and financial objectives .