Contact Center Pipeline May 2023 | Page 13

Delivering on customer expectations begins with empowered agents

Agents are the beating heart of customer experience . They are the front line to customers throughout their full journey , and handle increasingly complex interactions , remotely , across multiple channels .
According to ContactBabel , “ The digitally transformed contact center requires far more from [ agents ], and the skills and capabilities they need are only going to increase .” But agents lack the necessary technology and training 1 to deliver on customer expectations for quick , effortless , and personalized experience .
The right tools can help empower agents in this evolved role :
An easy-to-use knowledge base puts answers in one place , so agents spend less time searching and more time supporting
AI-powered guidance on changes that impact satisfaction in the most critical moment develops and reinforces agent soft skills and improves CX
Agent-invoked robotic process automation automates routine tasks keeping them focused on helping customers , their no . 1 motivation for becoming agents

The empowered agent toolkit

Unified all-in-one desktop lets agents handle multiple interactions without switching to and from applications , improving productivity
Integrated customer data keeps agents from asking questions they should already know the answers to
Automated and embedded bite-size training brings the classroom to the agent , increasing productivity , engagement , and retention
Dashboard of real-time performance lets agents see their impact on business outcome for increased engagement
ICMI : State of Agent Experience and Engagement Survey ( 2019 )
Give your customers and agents what they need . See how NICE CXone helps you empower agents to build lasting relationships .
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