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For example , is your company experiencing high turnover rates of contact center agents ? Or struggling to keep up with changing compliance regulations ? Or simply wanting to improve the customer experience ( CX )?
When you take the time to understand where your business has room to grow and where you hope to see improvement by adopting contact center technology , you ’ ll have a clearer understanding of the capabilities you require and can set realistic goals and expectations .
In addition , you should have a strong sense of your company ’ s longer-term strategy . Does the business want to grow its customer base ? Hire and recruit more employees ? Exceed revenue goals ?
While it may not be immediately obvious to every leader how contact center technology ties back to these bigger picture objectives , you should focus on getting multiple departments on board with the investment from the beginning and have them understand how they ’ ll benefit from the technology . For doing so will mean its value doesn ’ t get stuck in a silo .
When departmental leaders work together more effectively to action the insights that come from contact center and customer interaction data , everyone benefits – from sales and marketing to product and finance .
With a clear vision of your company ’ s areas for growth and long-term plans , you can turn to the main task at hand : identifying a contact center solution with the capabilities needed to meet these goals .
This alignment is important . If your company is simply looking to increase operational efficiency , your product needs will differ from those of a company set on boosting the customer experience .
For increased operational efficiency ( improving contact center agents ’ performance , adhering to compliance regulations , decreasing customer handle time , etc .), you should look for a solu-
tion that provides contact center supervisors with more insight into customer-agent interactions .
With this , supervisors will be empowered to give agents more objective feedback , identify patterns that happen on calls between agents and customers , or correct an interaction that misses important compliance requirements while it ’ s still in progress with real-time agent guidance .
All of which help make processes more streamlined in the contact center . And by improving operational efficiency , both customers and employees will reap the benefits and have a better experience .
On the other hand , if your company is focused on boosting the customer experience ( handling customer complaints , interpreting customer sentiment and emotion , moving beyond customer satisfaction surveys , etc .), the solution should provide deeper insight into the customer journey .
You should look for a solution with capabilities like sentiment analysis , and most importantly emotion analysis , to understand customers ’ paths – what ’ s working for them , what ’ s not , and how they ’ re behaving . This data can be used inside and outside the contact center to inform how the business supports customers at all stages of their journeys .


Contact center technology is useful in other contexts besides operational efficiency and customer satisfaction , as well .
For example , your company may have business goals outside these categories or have a more specific use case in mind .
You might be undertaking a rebrand and looking to augment solicited customer feedback , like surveys , with unsolicited feedback to better understand how customers perceive and interact with the brand or even specific marketing campaigns and offers .
Or you might be considering new product features and looking for insights into product pain points to help better inform updates in the product roadmap or even net-new products .
These are just a few examples in a long list of reasons why your company might be interested in buying or upgrading its contact center technology . It ’ s easy to see why you must align tech capabilities with your company ’ s unique goals to find the right solution .
With the increase of contact center technology solutions available to organizations , you will likely find more than one solution that fits your needs . How should you choose which solution to adopt and differentiate between options ?
While the capability of any solution is critically important , there are other factors to consider , including what the vendor can bring to the table in terms of industry expertise , innovation , and customer service . In a hot market like contact center technology , there ’ s a steady stream of new players .
But vendors that are pioneers in the industry and have tuned into the evolving landscape for years have a solid foundation of experience that newcomers lack . These vendors typically know the market in and out and have a firm grasp of changing customer needs .
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