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We have to stop thinking about channels . And start thinking about the total experience .
The key to better CX is restructuring your contact center for the modern customer . This means not only meeting your customer on their preferred device , but also creating a unified brand experience .
Instead of stacking channels , blend them across digital and voice . That way , when done correctly , customers are able to seamlessly switch from in-app chat to calling without having to re-authenticate , re-explain , and repeat .
It ’ s also becoming essential to personalize the CX . People don ’ t want to feel like just another number . They want individualized service fueled by historical data , context , and preferences .
According to CX expert Shep Hyken ’ s 2021 Achieving Customer Amazement ( ACA ) Study , 75 % of customers are more likely to be loyal to a company that delivers personalized CX . When customer data is easily available to a brand , they ’ re able to meet this demand with ease and speed .
Lastly , the modern CX is plagued by a modern-day problem : the Great Resignation . Roughly 47.4 million people quit their jobs in 2020 according to a U . S . Bureau of Labor and Statistics report .
Combine this with the fact that the contact center already experiences industry-leading turnover ( about 1.2 million resignations each year ), and the crisis becomes catastrophic .
This level of turnover has had an impact on the quality of service brands provide . Smaller teams are struggling to serve customers without the tools that enable them to do more with less manpower .
The reality is that none of the preceding points can be achieved without modern technology . Businesses that focus on using advanced cloud contact center technology will see the biggest CX improvement and return on investment ( ROI ).
Many leaders are turning to intelligent cloud contact center technology to overcome CX pain points and deliver better service .
Artificial intelligence ( AI ) -driven technology can allow agents to seamlessly engage with customers where they are most comfortable - on their cellphones - in mobile apps , SMS messaging , social media , email , video , and even by phone .
Simplicity is the name of the game . Instead of adding in all the bells and whistles with no clear integration , AI tech is able to seamlessly blend channels on one platform for ease of use .
Yet brands will often invest in multiple technologies from different vendors — which only complicates things for both your agents and customers . To create a unified brand experience , it ’ s time to invest in the right tech and bring everything to one platform .
Technology is also essential to give customers a personalized experience . Virtual agents and chatbots can empower your agents in this feat by providing access to real-time data about who your customer is , why they are calling , and predictions on their actions all before the live agent even speaks to the customer . This results in less touchpoints for the customer and the employee when solving an issue .
Not only does the tech give your agent the data they need , but it also eliminates the time spent getting to know the background information . This enables your agents to provide a more conversational and meaningful experience .
Most significantly , the workforce shortage is a critical issue that contact center technology can help solve . A Salesforce survey showed that 71 % of service agents considered quitting because of burnout and lack of support .
It doesn ’ t have to be like this . The right tools can support your agents and help alleviate stress and frustration .
When brands incorporate automation into CX , contact center agent performance is optimized . Brands can serve more customers with less employees – and can easily oversee agents to keep them engaged . Tedious tasks are automated , handle times are reduced , data is improved , and agents feel better prepared to help the customer .
The end result ? Happier and more productive employees , and loyal longterm customers .
Plus , cloud contact centers with cutting-edge tech enable humans to work better and faster from anywhere .
Cloud-native platforms don ’ t require locally installed specialized contact center software . Agents simply need stable internet connections , browsers , and compatible headsets to communicate with consumers from their home offices . Such a platform can be a differentiator for a company as many businesses can ’ t manage or retain remote employees with their outdated contact center technology .
CX is a strategic differentiator in a competitive market . It is not only the key to keeping your employees and customers happy , but also to driving resiliency as challenges persist .
By prioritizing the modern customer through the power of tech , brands can overcome obstacles such as heightened competition and the workforce shortage to thrive like never before .
As Chief Operating Officer of UJET , Vasili Triant oversees all Go-to-Market activities including Sales , Channel , Alliances and Customer Success . He is passionate about empowering customers by providing innovative tools and technology that deliver one-of-a-kind customer experiences . Prior to UJET , Vasili held key roles at Cisco , ShoreTel , LiveOps , and Serenova where he served as CEO leading the company through significant growth and recognition .
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