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DH : It ’ s important to remember that maximizing the workforce does not necessarily translate to increased efficiency in the contact center .
An engaged workforce is the key ingredient to improving the quality and efficiency of contact centers . You must strike a healthy balance between efficiency , attrition , and occupancy that is good for the organization , not just the service level .
It can be difficult to keep up with today ’ s fast-paced , multichanneled , and demanding workload . However , self-service functions will better equip agents to handle unexpected disruptions throughout the day without compromising their quality of work .
DS : Automation . Leveraging automation can not only improve ROI but can ultimately create a happier and utilized workforce .
By identifying and resolving schedule gaps ahead of time and managing staffing volatility , a contact center will run more efficiently , with increased agent satisfaction .
An automated WFM solution can also better harmonize many different schedules across shift swaps , PTO requests , overtime , and more .
Furthermore , AI and data tools leverage analytics to help managers more precisely identify employee needs and resolutions in real time — enabling in-the-moment training and rapid response to performance issues .
Agent engagement strategy . In the age of burnout and an applicants ’ job market , agent engagement is crucial .
It ’ s imperative for contact centers to foster a culture that encourages employee feedback , making feedback easy for agents to give and for employers to collect . That way , agents feel comfortable sharing negative feedback , and it is acted upon to create organizational changes .
Next , providing employee support through hands-on coaching provides higher agent satisfaction — reducing churn and turnover and creating happier agents and customers .
Lastly , creating an atmosphere of trust and flexibility turns contact centers into more desirable employers and strengthens every employee ’ s sense of belonging and engagement .
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Victoria adds :
1 . “ Appreciate people – a simple ‘ thank you ’ or letting people know the impact they made in a particular situation goes a really long way .”
2 . “ Involve people in what ’ s going on – sharing as much information as possible not only promotes trust and transparency , but more importantly , creates space for some great thinking and ideas from all levels of the organization .”
3 . “ Lead with empathy – if you don ’ t show up for each other with an open mind and listening ears , people become disengaged . Feeling understood and heard to goes a long way . “
Hera adds “ Three simple strategies I ’ d say are : 1 . “ Cameras on while training virtually with names and pronouns identified . If training in-person move around the room .”
2 . “ Make eye contact with learners .”
3 . “ Asking learners a lot of open-ended questions consistently and pausing at least 10 seconds allowing for answers , group discussions where learners can share [ and ] discuss concepts , role playing , or sharing thoughts .”
While speaking with various organizations , the common challenges around recruitment , training , attrition , and engagement come up continuously !
Although technology is necessary and increasingly important , it is through creating meaningful human experiences that many of the challenges can be mitigated .
Taking the time to understand your learners as whole beings and adapt to serve them as you train or create the
training programs will have a direct impact on your organization ’ s retention and employee engagement ( especially in the first 90 days ).
It is great to see how leaders in the L & D space have pivoted to create a better learning experience for learners across the organization .
With the mindset around adapting to the environment and to the learner , we can collectively make positive learning experiences for all resulting in a meaningful , welcoming learning experience as part of the overall employee onboarding experience .
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