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There continues to be an evolution in contact center channels , such as with the coming of age of video and the advent of asynchronous chat apps . So how do they impact workforce management ?

TRUDY CANNON , VERINT : The massive increase in digital channels and its impact on customer service have influenced significant innovations in WFM solutions in a positive way .
For example , leading WFM solutions harness the advent of private messaging channels that consumers are increasingly using to engage with brands .
This is due mainly to the asynchronous nature of messaging a customer service representative via apps that consumers are already familiar with , such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp .
Private messaging channels allow brands to offer seamless CXs centered around asynchronous conversations between consumers and brands .
With asynchronous messaging platforms , a customer can start , pause , or resume engagement with an agent online over a more extended period – sometimes hours or days .
Satisfying this customer expectation requires true innovations in WFM solutions to enable customer service representatives to engage with customers on their channels of choice and at the customers ’ pace , not the businesses ’ pace .
In addition , the onset of video-based customer service is another emerging digital channel that brands must embrace and enable their workforce with the right technology , training , and quality assurance to deliver excellent visual customer support .
Through integrations it will be possible to see which type of issues take teams more or less time to resolve with asynchronous chat apps so you can staff your contact center accordingly .
The nature of these apps and video content mean that the actual conversations are less restrictive but also the handle times can vary wildly depending on the issue .
It ’ s all about adding yet another component into your forecasting capabilities to control costs and manage shrinkage .
DAVE HOEKSTRA , CALABRIO : Asynchronous chat apps have wreaked havoc in contact center occupancy and KPI management , specifically in terms of predictability in WFM circles .
However , contact centers can minimize unpredictability by setting concurrency levels to a manageable number and using a realistic approach to agent performance coaching and continued upskilling / reskilling .
DANA SHALEV , NICE : Asynchronous interactions can raise questions on how to best manage and staff your team , especially as handling time and the different types of interactions are inconsistent and in constant flux .
With the lengthier periods in between communication and responses , businesses need to reevaluate how they calculate AHT when an interaction has been interrupted , when it switches channels mid-interaction , or when there are significant time lapses between responses .
Asynchronous interactions can have a significant impact on staffing and planning , specifically when it comes to data integrity and acquisition , staff requirement calculation , schedule optimization , and change management .
Complexities posed by asynchronous CX brands must be prepared to embrace WFM technology that can tackle these challenges by using machine learning to best predict the nature of these interactions across a variety of digital channels .
DARYL GONOS , COMMUNITYWFM : This technology impacts WFM software because it will provide additional information to further improve forecasting accuracy .
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