Consumer Guide 2 - Page 3

Introduction A round 1 in 6 people (16%) in the UK have a hearing loss. That changes to 40% in the population over age 50 and 70% in those over the age of 70. It is known that hearing loss can cause feelings of isolation, loneliness and even depression. 4 million people in the UK could benefit from wearing a hearing aid, but have not yet taken action to address their hearing loss. The signs of hearing loss · You have the TV volume louder than others Are you Over 50? · You ask others to repeat what they have said or comment on people mumbling / not speaking properly · You have problems understanding speech in the presence of background noise · You may avoid social activities 40% of over 50’s suffer from hearing loss · You may raise your voice (say, on the telephone) or speak over people · You find it hard to tell where sounds are coming from 3