Consumer Guide 2 - Page 12

Product Ranges Lyric How to choose from a range Each manufacturer will have several product ranges, based on the level of technology that they contain. From within each range you can choose from the style of hearing aid available (for example RIC or ITE). Essentially manufacturers will have top, mid and bottom ranges in their products. Each range will typically have the same computer chip inside, but with varying levels of how they process and amplify, making a difference to the quality of sound that you will hear. Each hearing aid wearer will have different requirements and it is the job of your hearing care professional to select the right product from a range for you. An alternative is to opt for the previous year's range, which can be the manufacturer’s older technology but with a new name. This can be a beneficial, less expensive option as most hearing aids over the last few years still have good technological capabilities. Finally, there are also unique hearing aid innovations such as the Lyric 3 which is professionally fitted inside the ear canal and can be left there for months at a time. You can wear them in the shower and whilst sleeping, however they can be very expensive. 12 In summary, so long as you get on well with your hearing care professional, you are given time to evaluate your hearing improvement and are supported well, almost all hearing aids will be suitable for you. You won't be able to determine anything further than that until you actually try something. Technological benefits typically found in high-end hearing aids: Wireless speech processing between the two aids. Potentially mellower, more natural sound quality in noisy environments. Easier for your hearing care professional to fine tune the aids for your needs. Actual benefits typically experienced by clients that connect well with their Hearing Care Professional: If both parties understand each other, then the fine-tuning will tend to be more accurate. A depth of understanding grows over the initial rehabilitation appointments and thereafter. This tends to increase the number of successful outcomes. Mutual trust enhances the value of the service and product.