Consumer Guide 2 | Page 9

How to choose a style So, for most... IIC a RECEIVER-IN-THE-CANAL or INVISIBLEIN-THE-CANAL style is what you will be looking for - as both offer a much lighter, more comfortable, more cosmetic solution. or Ideally, a good hearing professional should allow you to evaluate both. It is difficult to say which is best for any given individual, but here are some indications of which will suit.... RIC · If you have already had poor results in background noise with other hearing aids, you should try RECEIVER-IN-THE-CANAL (RIC). · Surgical options are available to some, such as COCHLEAR IMPLANTS and BONE ANCHORED HEARING AIDS. These may be offered by the NHS, or can be paid for via private healthcare. We can advise you on your suitability for such devices. · If you wish to make the most of the latest hearing aid technology such as Bluetooth and Smart phone applications, always try RECEIVER-IN-THE-CANAL. · If your fingers have poor sensitivity or you know that hearing aids sitting over the ear will be too fiddly for you, then try ITC aids. · If you have an active lifestyle where hearing aids may be exposed to excess wear and tear, you should try the water resistant RECEIVER-IN-THE-CANAL types or the waterproof BTE styles. · If you have a moderate or severe hearing loss, and you’d like something a lot smaller than what you had before, try the new high-power CICs. · If money is no object and you have a mild to moderate hearing loss with no medical history of ear problems, try left-in-situ aids like the Lyric 3. These can stay in the ear for months at a time. 9