Consumer Guide 2 | Page 7

Hearing Tactics Techniques you can adopt to make it more likely that you’ll hear clearly: · Talk face to face: Facial expressions and passive lip reading become more important when your hearing is impaired. Avoid conversations with those in another room. · Make sure you are near to the person that you are talking to and that their face is well lit. · If in a group, sit in the middle of the table in order to hear and see everyone. · Sit with your back against the wall, thus reducing background noise. · Reduce conversations in unnecessary background noise (e.g. when boiling a kettle). The benefits of wearing two hearing aids are: 1 2 3 Your ability to localize sounds will improve. 4 Lower amplification is needed, so you get more listening comfort and less whistling. It will be easier to comprehend the faint elements of speech in noisy environments. 5 More effective tinnitus masking and voice control. The risk of auditory deprivation is considerably reduced. Did you know... That you’ll typically hear twice as much with two hearing aids - but understand 4 times as much? So, when two hearing aids are recommended, please don’t say one will do until you’ve tried two. 7