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Learn About Arlington Water ’ s Trip to Your Tap

Arlington Water Utilities employees work hard every day to provide tap water that meets all requirements for safety set by federal and state regulatory agencies .
Like most tap water in Texas , Arlington ’ s water supply comes from surface water sources , like lakes and rivers . The City of Arlington purchases its water for treatment from the Tarrant Regional Water District , or

Water Quality Report

TRWD . The water comes from four reservoirs – Cedar Creek , Richland Chambers , Lake Arlington and Lake Benbrook .
That surface water goes through several processes at Arlington ’ s two water treatment plants to make it drinkable . Aluminum sulfate and a cationic polymer are added to help dirt and other particles clump together and settle out during treatment . Then , ozone is used
Where does Arlington drinking water come from ?
Arlington gets its water for treatment from the Tarrant Regional Water District . The water comes from four reservoirs - Cedar Creek , Richland Chambers , Lake Arlington and Lake Benbrook .
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as the primary water disinfectant . The water is then filtered through granular activated carbon beds to remove smaller particles and substances that are dissolved in the water . The water is treated with chloramine ( chlorine and ammonia ) as it enters storage . Chloramine is a disinfectant that keeps the water safe on its way to your faucet .
water treatment process
Raw water pump station
Clearwell storage
Mixing chamber
Sedimentation basin
Coagulation basin
Primary disinfection
( Ozone )
Secondary disinfection ( Chloramine ) Filters
Arlington Water Utilities was once again named Best Tasting Surface Water in Texas by the Texas Water Utilities Association in 2021 . It ’ s the third time Arlington has won the award . Find out more in our 2021 Year-End Report .
Testing Before Your Tap
Arlington Water Utilities tests drinking water throughout the water treatment process and at locations all over the city . In 2021 , the Laboratory :
different substances
Data in this report was collected between January 1 , 2021 and December 31 , 2021 , unless another time frame is noted .
Arlington Water Utilities Lab Staff Spotlight
13 FT and PT staff | 160 years of laboratory experience | TCEQ Licenses : 2 A , 3 B , 1 C and 3 D | Degrees : 3 Masters and 8 Bachelors
Health information for special populations
You may be more vulnerable than the general population to certain microbial contaminants , such as Cryptosporidium , in drinking water . Infants , some elderly or immuno-compromised persons such as those undergoing chemotherapy for cancer ; those who have undergone organ transplants ; those who are undergoing treatment with steroids and people with HIV / AIDS or other immune system disorders can be particularly at risk from infections .
You should seek advice about drinking water from your health care provider . Additional guidelines on appropriate means to lessen the risk of infection by Cryptosporidium are available from the Safe Drinking Water Hotline ( 800-426-4791 ).
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