Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Summer 2017 - Page 24

The Listserv is Dead! Long Live the Listserv! (or How to Get the Most of NACBA’s Community Environment) By Gene Melchionne, Esq. Law Offices of Eugene S. Melchionne Waterbury, Connecticut Welcome Back My Friends… Longtime NACBA members may remember the Listserv catastrophe when NACBA decided to switch off our long-standing Listserv and move to a web-based Forum structure. Regular emails to each member were supplanted by a web page with the topics that you needed a browser to view. The hue and cry could be heard on Mars. Dan Press set up a Google group to take the place of our beloved Listserv and a rebellion was in the making. Fortunately, then NACBA President Billy Brewer appointed a committee to find a substitute for the “forums” and recreate the now dead listserv. I headed the committee along with Dan Press and some of more techie members, Jay Fleischman, John Colwell, Mark Cornell, and Mitch Goldstein, as well as administration members, Billy Brewer and Barbara Andelman and our web guy at the time, Mark Whitehouse. We settled on a software package that most closely resembled our old listserv and got it running again in short order. That software package has not been updated in years and it is running on a computer located in a garage somewhere in California. The software and hardware is so old that sometimes the only way to get it going again is to have someone go out to that garage and kick the machine. (We have all had the implies to go out and kick our computers from time to time, right?) It is time to move to NACBA’s new Community environment as we cannot guarantee how much longer our old hardware and software will continue to function. Long Live Rock 24 CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY JOURNAL Fortunately, depending on how you work, you can make the new communities function exactly like the old listservs. You can continue to receive ‘text-only’ emails in your email inbox just as you do now. You have the freedom to sort them, ignore them, archive them, or delete them just as you do now. Or you can be adventuresome and tweak your settings to make the Communities dance. (Well, not really, but it will seem like it compared to what you could do before.) We know that lawyers hate change. Some more than others, but change requires an adjustment. Here’s a dirty little secret: Even though you haven’t paid attention to the listservs or the communities, every current NACBA member has been receiving the digest version of the “Strictly Bankruptcy” Community posts for the last 18 months. You have been receiving the community posts all along and probably didn’t even know it! Welcome to the Future The new communities are set up in the same fashion as is the old listservs. Before we had BK (bankruptcy-related), C11 (Chapter 11), POL (political), OT (off topic), and TECH (do I need to tell you it is technology related?). Currently, the Communities include counterparts; “Strictly Bankruptcy Issues” (equal to t