Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Summer 2015 | Page 8

LEGISLATIVE REPORT NACBA Member Feedback on Hill Day at Home 2015 “This was a great experience to sit and talk with an opposing party. Mr. Harley made the comment more than once that he really (and his boss) enjoy the grass roots activism more than Washington lobbying.” ~Brian Flick, Ohio “The meeting was positive in that Mr. Tate seemed very interested in our arguments & anecdotes and asked pointed questions. ~Shelley Welch Cox, GA “Much better than traveling to D.C.!” ~Kurt O’Keefe, MI “Great, great program!” ~Salvador Lopez, IL Pictures from Hill Day at Home Meetings Shannon A. Doyle with Congressman Lowenthal (CA). Kathryn Hathaway with Mary Lee Kirakofe, District Director for Congresswoman Gwen Graham (FL). Lesley Hoenig, Mark Soble, Kurt O’Keefe with Senator Gary Peters (MI). State Legislation We are pleased to report that thanks to the hard work of NACBA and our California membership, legislation (SB 308) to increase California’s state homestead exemption to $300,000 (across the board) and make several other important improvements to the state exemptions passed the State Senate on May 22nd. The bill now goes to the Assembly for approval. NACBA members generated over 130 letters, emails, and phone calls to advance this effort. Many thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a letter, make a call, or enlist your clients to weigh in supportively. On to the Assembly! 8 CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY JOURNAL Summer 2015 National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys