Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Summer 2015 | Page 56

NACBA REMEMBERS JEAN BRAUCHER devoted most of her scholarship to consumer bankruptcy. Among her first groundbreaking articles was Lawyers and Consumer Bankruptcy: One Code, Many Cultures, which documented the widely varying practices concerning chapter 13 in different judicial districts despite the seeming uniform law that applied to all of them. Some of her other scholarship demonstrated the ineffectiveness of consumer debtor education and suggested strategies for consumer debtors’ advocates. She was also a contributor to the Credit Slips blog. T he bankruptcy community suffered a great loss with the recent death of Professor Jean Braucher. Jean, who taught for many years at the University of Arizona Law School and several other places, was one of the few law professors who Although she was meticulous in her scholarship, Jean was not shy about making her pro-consumer views known in a variety of places. She advocated for consumers in proceedings of the American Law Institute and attended several Capitol Hill “lobby days” with NACBA, joining other NACBA members in meeting with her Arizona Congressional representatives. She also facilitated representation of consumers in significant Arizona bankruptcy cases. Jean was one of the first law professors to join NACBA. She spoke at many conventions and workshops and she worked diligently as a member of NACBA’s Board of Directors, serving as a Convention Chair and heading the committee that got NACBA’s webinar series off the ground. She was the founding Vice President of the National Consumer Bankruptcy Rights Center. Perhaps most important, Jean was always warm, kind, good-spirited, and a pleasure to work with. She was awarded NACBA’s Distinguished Service Award when she left the Board. We will miss her greatly. NACBA REMEMBERS JIM MCMILLEN not have had the privilege of knowing James (“Jim”) T. McMillen. Jim was born in Tennessee and after law school moved to Texas in 1975 and started his legal career. Jim was a passionate advocate for the consumer and was naturally drawn to an organization founded to help protect the rights of consumer debtor’s. Jim was elected to the NACBA board of directors in 1995 and served as Secretary for a number of years. Jim’s legal career included several landmark cases including In re Smithwick (5th Cir. 1997) and In re Mendoza (5th Cir. 1997). M 56 ost of our members joined NACBA after the passage of the 2005 Bankruptcy Act and may CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY JOURNAL Jim was a kind person who truly cared about people. He championed his client’s rights in everything he did and his outlook on life was always bright. Summer 2015 Over the course of one’s career you meet many types of attorneys. Jim was the ‘real deal’. He was the Atticus Finch of the Consumer Bar. It is no surprise that “To Kill a Mockingbird” was one of his favorite books. I know many of you were Facebook friends with Jim and I miss Jim’s post every day wishing everyone a “Good Morning”! I know Jim would want us all to continue the fight because there is always a “little guy” who needs our help. The legal community needs many more attorneys like Jim McMillen. Thank you Jim for all you did for NACBA, your clients and the community. You are missed. National Association o