Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Summer 2015 | Page 30

2015 NACBA ANNUAL CONVENTION Sample any session and view available PDF handouts! Use the easy Playback Interactive Guide Individual Sessions available online! 465-01 Plenary: Ethics—Managing Difficult Client Communications Mary Robinson, Esq.; Hon. Cynthia Norton; David Yen, Esq. 465-02 Plenary: Inside the House of Cards ~ A Frank Look at All Things Washington Tara Twomey, Esq.; Jonathan Yarowsky, Esq.; Henry Sommer, Esq.; James Haller, Esq.; Julie Seger; Senator Richard Durbin 465-03 Plenary: Court Trends in Decisions Henry Sommer, Esq.; Prof. John Pottow 465-04 Complicated Clients: Tackling Extra Challenges in Bankruptcies Ronald Peterson, Esq.; Patrick Layng, Esq. 465-05 Creditor Warfare & Courtroom Techiques Johnie Patterson, Esq.; Miriam Goott, Esq.; Hon. David Jones 465-06 What to Do About Student Loans I Josh Cohen, Esq.; Jay Fleischman, Esq.; Felicia Turner Burda, Esq. 465-07 Psychological Issues Laurie Biggs, Esq.; Jeena Cho, Esq. 465-08 Zombie Real Estate Apocalypse Hon. Robert Berger; Chip Parker, Esq.; David Leibowitz, Esq. 465-09 What to Do About Student Loans II Marc Stern, Esq.; Hon. Eugene Wedoff; Karen Oakes, Esq. 465-10 Effective Adversary Proceedings O. Max Gardner, III, Esq.; Thad Bartholow, Esq.; Joel Hargis, Esq. 465-11 What to Do About Student Loans III