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Better yet , create an autoresponder email with a built-in Google review form and send it to them at the appropriate time . When you have receive good reviews or testimonials , post them on your website , in your e-newsletter and anywhere else that potential customers are likely to stumble upon them . And be sure to ask whoever provided you with that great review if they would also submit it to Google so it shows up in search .
Offer unbundled services . There are millions of people who download legal documents off LegalZoom or Rocket Lawyer for business and personal use .
And it shouldn ’ t surprise you to know that many of them still want a real live attorney to review those documents ( which is why the online legal service providers refer customers to attorneys now from their websites ). Consider offering unbundled services like online legal document reviews , especially for business clients — the initial fees may not be much , but could lead to bigger things down the road . Remember , many people are looking for a la carte options .
Provide fixed fee options . To be successful with fixed fee billing , firms need to conduct extensive research into their case files going back several years in order to arrive at pricing that will protect profitability . North Carolina divorce attorney Lee Rosen is somewhat of a fixed fee guru and provides good advice for making the switch at his Divorce Discourse blog . He transitioned his firm to fixed fee billing many years ago , when the idea was truly a radical one , and his revenues and profitability soared . Fixed fees can be staged according to specific phases of a case or encompass an entire legal matter .


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