Consumer Bankruptcy Journal Fall 2016 - Page 5

President’s Report other organizations such as NACTT, NABT, and NCBJ. There were no educational programs that focused just on consumer bankruptcy, where you could hear what was happening not only locally but in other districts. NACBA changed all this and has had a tremendous impact. I understand that local practitioners may say: “what does NACBA really do for me in my practice?”  There is much that NACBA does, particularly on the legislative and administrative front, that must go unnoticed.  This is because the most effective advocacy often is stopping harmful bills, court rules, or regulations. As a member of NACBA’s legislative committee, I can assure you that much of what you do on a daily basis, from the forms you use, the declaration you must sign on the petition, the filing fees your clients pay, the information you need to produce at meetings of creditors, and the claim information mortgage creditors must provide, have all been affected by NACBA’s advocacy and would have been far more detrimental to your practice had NACBA not asserted its influence.  Members of Congress and Senate from both parties and their leadership now ask, before introducing a bankruptcy bill or deciding whether to move it, will NACBA support or oppose the bill, or have NACBA’s concerns been addressed?  And that does not even consider the impact that NACBA has had in the courts through its amicus project. I encourage all of you to make the time and “Be Our Guest” as NACBA celebrates our 25th Anniversary, National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Fall 2016 May 4-7, 2017, at the Walt Disney Dolphin Hotel in Orlando Florida. The 2017 Convention Committee, led by Pam Stewart (TX) and Richard “Hal” Nemeth (OH), have already had a 1/2 dozen planning meetings.  New for 2017 will be “advanced sessions” and “interactive learning” (yes, leave your phone ON during designated sessions). Of course, there will also be a NACBA birthday celebration party that is not to be missed! In honor of our 25th year, NACBA negotiated a hotel room rate that is over 25% less expensive than our 2016 Convention hotel cost. The 2017 convention rate is $199 per night! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns. Educate. Advocate. Litigate. CONSUMER BANKRUPTCY JOURNAL 5