Conscious Comments December 2012 - Page 9

child I often wondered why I had to learn such an old language that no one spoke, and yet there it was, unchanged from the shadows of my youthful mind in Temple. The first time my family came together; aunts and uncles from both sides was not at my Bar Mitzvah, or a wedding, but at a Groundation concert in Boston a few years ago. I met my beautiful wife through the music, and all my long time friends were first drawn together through music.

For me, music has been and is my life. It has been with me at the times of my greatest pleasures and has sustained me in times of adversity. All of the greatest gifts in my life and all of my future aspirations are in one way or another connected to one thing – music.

Harrison Stafford is the lead singer and guitar player of Groundation.

In 1999, Stafford teamed up with Kris Dilbeck to found Young Tree Records and release Groundation's first album of the same name. Harrison "Professor" Stafford also has a side-project backed by Jamaican legends; positive, non-violent, revolutionary music.

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Photo by Hossein Attar