Conscious Comments December 2012 - Page 19

actions, words, and even thought, directly or indirectly affects other living organisms around us. The next logical step would be to give more thought to how we can choose to say, do, or think in a way that will positively affect life around us.

Spending more time in nature helps us to see the life forces around us and appreciate how we benefit from them. Grow your own garden and benefit not

only from communing with nature, but also by eating high vibration foods. High vibration foods are living foods which are organic, alive with enzymes, minerals, and vitamins and are full of water. This food provides us with energy, focus, emotional balance and keeps our life “force” strong.

Getting rid of clutter in your physical world also clears space in your mental and spiritual worlds. If you have trouble maneuvering through your home or navigating the mess on your desk, you will feel distracted, disheveled and disoriented. This is, simply put,the idea behind Feng Shui. Remember, your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and vice versa.

Making a commitment to increasing your spiritual practice, whatever it may be, will also help you to live more consciously. Going to church more often is a good start, but only if you are completely aware and present to what is being said. If you’ve heard that your body is your temple, have you actually realized that that means you ARE the church? Your spiritual practice may be meditation, yoga, journaling, or just a few minutes of quiet time. This time of reflection and going inward helps to increase your awareness and your conscious decision making process.

Even if you can only think of how you can positively affect your own life, if you choose to be thoughtful about each decision, regardless of how small, the affect will still ripple. For example, if you are deciding on what to have for lunch and you think to yourself, “what is more alive and will give me more energy, a breaded chicken sandwich or a vegetable salad?” If you give it sufficient thought, you will realize that you will have more energy, focus, and emotional balance if you eat the vegetables because they are high vibration foods to which you already have a connection. The result will be felt amongst your co-workers, clients, or classmates as they witness your good mood, great ideas, and high energy, which may rub off on them….and you will probably lose a pound or two in the process!

Imagine if we all resolve to live a more conscious life for 2013. Our collective conscious would be raised and we could see a kinder more peaceful world. It wouldn’t even take all 7 billion of us to do it. One or two percent of the world’s population’s raised collective consciousness could dramatically change the world as we know it. Now that’s what I call a New Year’s resolution!