Conscious Comments December 2012 - Page 16


CC: Why reggae music?

RT: Real full-on Reggae-in-yo-jeggae music has the most amazing sound in the world. I will add however that I am not genre specific other than to say I love bass and drums as well as accapella. Reggae, Ska, Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Soul, Rock, Punk, Metal, New Wave, Jungle, Dubstep… all good!

CC: On the subject of the album title, "The Hurban Warrior of Peace," can you explain to me how you came up with the title and what it means to you?

RT: I am an hurban warrior of peace. A product of the city environment who sees the small green branch pushing through the cement and cries for Mother Earth. The magical plant music is the healing of the nations. I can fight without fighting.

CC: What inspired the direction for the album?

RT: A profound desire to see all humans choose a peaceful life with each other.

CC: What is your favorite song from the album and why?

RT: Lots of favorites. "Werdup Baum Bhang Burn Babylon" with Jamalski, Mama Wisdom & JC Stokes. "Free Up" with Gappy Ranks. "What Is An EmCee?" with KRS One.

A Warrior Speaks-Inteview with Rocker-T

"Gonna Make It". "Queen Of The Ghetto". "Babylon System Burn Up" with Cutty Ranks…

CC: Do you think conscious music is growing or waning in popularity?

RT: Always growing. Not a genre at all. Conscious beings listen to music consciously. Music made by conscious beings is just that. Worldwide the human ears need healing messages. The musicians who manifest openly in oneness will reach deeply throughout the world.

CC: What demographic do you hope to reach?

RT: The teenagers and the young adults. The children. The parents and the grandparents. The birds and the bees and the fishes of the seas. The highlands and the lowlands. Everywhere and everyone.