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1,972,433 children in America are home schooled according to the U.S. Cencu

by Davina Estrella Oji -

Mzee Divine

Hekau Divine Counsel

First Lady Of "OJI and The Ascension

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Home Birth Advocate and Support Person

So many of us are curious about home school! The conscious wheel these days in our communities is turning much more towards alternative education; Montessori schools which focus on creativity and the arts; schools with Afro-centric names, which although they have an African sounding name, they don't necessarily teach African languages or values; charter schools, publicly funded schools usually established by teachers and parents or the community collectively, private schools, and home school.

From what I’ve found, private home school programs (or your own curriculum) and tutors are my favorite choice if one wants to monitor closely your child’s progress and have the most influential impact on their behavior as well as what they are learning.

In a recent talk with a good friend she mentioned keeping track of the amount of time spent on academics during a visit to her child’s school. She calculated forty five minutes of time. The rest of the time was spent getting in line, cleaning up, recess, lunch, and etcetera.

I have mapped out a way to take advantage of my rights as a parent to educate my children in my own private home school where I am able to eliminate some of the adverse social habits that can be picked up in a public school environment, and cultivate what works best for each individual child to excel.

Any one wishing to home school must first be aware that "Private School is the proper and legal term to use if and when you are referring to your schooling practices or if you are approached by a school official who may be checking to see why your youngsters are not at the community learning building.

You can register as your own private school by filing a Private School Affidavit. Here is the link for California- This link will give you lots of information on the process, and there are also home school advocates that will be able to assist you if you run into any legal trouble while trying to defend your right to choose to privatize your child’s education in your home.

I’d also like to mention that there are some good pre-existing homeschooling curriculums available out there that you may want to give a try. Here are a few:

Starfall for preschoolers

Reading Eggs for Kindergarten and up


Bay area Hickman Charter private-home school and resource center

Keep in mind that there are many different methods, Un-schooling and also Immersion Learning, which allows you to follow your child’s heart letting your child soak up the most of what they are interested in at the time until they've learned all they can about it, or have gotten board and are now ready to move on to the next thing, creating an exciting program of studies that follows your child’s imagination and inspiration. Most of the time you can find other home schooling groups in your local area that do fun things together like trips to the museum, science play exhibits, the zoo, picnics in the park with lessons attached, you name it! This way you take care of socialization in a healthy way with likeminded people.

Eventually your young one will be subjected to state testing, but usually it is not until 3rd grade, and they will be ready because you've been a great supporter, and they’ve been a great participant in learning. No sweat for your little geniuses!

Have confidence in yourself your youth and both of your abilities, have a great intimate journey and HAPPY HOMESCHOOLING!

What's the Rule for Home School?