Connections Quarterly Winter 2019 - Restorative Practices - Page 28

L I T ERAT URE IN RE VIE W Continued from page 25 saw as “the message of Jesus,” and of which he said, “the only people on earth who do not see Christ and his teachings as non-vio- lent are Christians.” The writer sees only a few voices through the centuries as challenging the punitive secular law. But to him “the past 25 years” (i.e. the final quarter of the 20th century) have heard in Restorative Justice “a call to build new communities where accep- tance and reconciliation are realities.” If each of these faiths would join in the effort, who knows what might be possible. l Richard (Dick) Barbieri “retired” after 40 years in independent schools only to take up a new career in conflict resolution and mediation. He mediates between parties and facilitates discussions in a broad range of circumstances, from family and court cases to cross-cultural dialogue between students from universities around the world. In addition to Connections Quarterly, he writes regularly for Independent School, and online at He is editor of ACResolution, the quarterly of the Association for Conflict Resolution. Contact him at LIGHTING THE PATHWAYS TO LEARNING Admissions + Achievement + SEL We’re bringing together data and analytics to provide a more comprehensive view of the whole student. • (800) 989-3721 Page 26 Winter 2019 CSEE Connections