Connections Quarterly Winter 2019 - Restorative Practices - Page 2

TABLE OF CONTENTS Restorative Practices by Bob Mattingly, Executive Director of CSEE 1 Starting with a Pause: How Restorative Communication Transforms Schools by Annie O’Shaughnessy, True Nature Teaching 2 Restorative School Discipline: It’s About Engagement, Not Enforcement by William A. Bledsoe, Ph.D., Restorative Way 8 Justice Isn’t Blind: Why San Francisco Day School includes diversity, equity, and inclusion work with restorative practices... by Ruth Bissell, Ph.D., Betsy Brody, and Loren Moyé, San Francisco Day School 12 Why Every Student and Adult Benefits from a Regular Circle Practice by Kay Pranis, Author 17 Literature in Review - The Spiritual Roots of Restorative Justice by Richard Barbieri, Ph.D. 23 Restorative Practices in Elementary School by Lainie Oshlag, Highgate Elementary 27 Teacher Tips by Keven Fletcher, St. Michaels University School 40 Parent Tips by Julie Stevens 42 Bob Mattingly Executive Director Jennifer Aanderud Associate Director & Quarterly Editor Lois Bailey Copy Editor Katie Bogdan Operations Coordinator © 2019 All rights reserved. Permission to reprint granted only with reference to Connections Quarterly by CSEE, the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education. Additional print copies available. Please contact to order.