Connection Spring 2015 - Page 17

OGY TOOL is a stepthree Once logged in you can “Make Offer” on the crop and crop year that we have available to place orders/contract with online. The same contracting opportunities we offer in the office are available here, and are also tied to physical delivery. Grain offered to sell is not contracted until the price triggers and the offer is accepted by United Ag. Once the price triggers and the offer is accepted, a contract will be generated that is tied to delivery . stepfour Any bushels that are traded though this system may be tracked and viewed also. This allows you to always know and have access to bushels you have contracted and offered to contract at different price indications. Again, the only bushels that you can view are the ones you or I have entered through the online process. To the left is the information that will be required to make an offer/ place an order. Note the Terms, Conditions and Fees also clearly indicates: “The Seller agrees to deliver the quantity of the commodity specified above to the specified location if the above offered price is satisfied by market conditions at any point between acknowledgement of offer and the expiration date of offer. Fees may apply for filled offers associated with futuresonly (HTA) contracts. Contact your originator for more details on fees.” 17