Connection Spring 2015 - Page 16

TECHNOLO V By Lindsey Bowers isit our website to get more than futures quotes. Check out current cash prices, as well as put in open orders or contract grain. We are excited about the opportunity to offer this feature as the market trades nearly around the clock and this stepone On United Ag’s main page, found at, click on Local Cash Bids. steptwo Create a username and password. If you are currently receiving futures/ cash price texts from United Ag, you will need to use the same log in information from before. If you do not have this information, please call and Lindsey can give it to you. 16 gives you the ability to make decisions any time of the day. This is no substitute for the interaction and information you receive by calling or stopping by, but does provide you with the ability to make decisions at any time of the day. For more information, contact Lindsey Bowers at 979-543-6284.