Connect Arlington - TAC Report September 2017 Connect Arlington - TAC Report September 2017 - Page 10


In addition to the Corridor-specific recommendations , the Committee further recommends the following to amplify the overall transportation vision for the city :
Demand-Response Rideshare
The Committee recommends citywide Demand- Response Rideshare to allow for connections between the six identified corridors .
The Committee recommends including circulator routes as part of a complete transportation system . These circulators would operate in three key , higher activity locations to facilitate movement within the area , such as from parking lots to destinations . Recommended locations include the Entertainment District , Downtown / UTA and the Parks Mall / Arlington Highlands . Desired service characteristics include a flexible , technologically-advanced service based on demand .
Multi-Modal Centers
The Committee recommends the incorporation of a Multi-Modal Center as part of a comprehensive transportation system in Arlington . A Multi- Modal Center is a place where passengers can transfer between a variety of modes , such as trains , shuttles , circulators , taxis and more . These Centers can also create economic development opportunities for the surrounding area . The Committee recommends a Multi-Modal Center in the Entertainment District , co-located with the proposed high speed rail station , as well as other locations where operationally efficient .
An artist ’ s rendering of the Transbay Transit Center in San Francisco .