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IS “ MIS-HIRING ” people your single biggest headache ? Four decades of research by Topgrading , Inc . indicates that it is . More than half the people you hire turn out to be disappointing , right ? Why is it so hard to hire great performers ? Candidates for hire can lie on their resumé and during interviews and get away with it . Fortunately , there is one hiring tool that is very easy to use that promises to all but eliminate those mis-hire headaches .
ROi : Brad , your company has taught hundreds of thousands of managers how to use the Topgrading Snaphot ( Fig . 1 ) to assure hiring almost all “ A ” players . Is the Topgrading Snapshot something like an automated interview ?
BRAD : No . It ’ s not an interview and not a test . It looks like a standard application form , but it ’ s really special . For starters , it has a “ truth serum ” that motivates all candidates to tell the truth .
ROi : Is it more useful than administering tests to candidates ?
Yes , because the Topgrading Snapshot reveals so much more . It : 1 . Scares away low performers ( good !) 2 . Scares away liars with fictitious resumés ( good !) 3 . Shows instantly if someone is a job hopper 4 . Gives you the candidate ’ s full salary history
5 . Shows you how every boss would rate the candidate ’ s overall performance
6 . Tells why they left each job — their own choice ( good ), “ mutual ” ( not so
good ) or fired for cause ( bad )
ROi : At a glance , you can see all of these things ? That ’ s really amazing . How does it work ?
BRAD : Simple . Suppose you received twenty resumés for , say , a sales rep job . They all look like “ A ” player resumés because the low performers in this goup lied . That reality frustrates the heck out of every hiring manager . You just send them an email thanking them for sending their resumé and ask them to complete the attached application form . They send you the completed form and we send you their Topgrading Snapshots . In minutes , you pick out maybe three or four of the best candidates and call them . You know these candidates are all basically honest and sharp , are in the right salary range , have great ratings by their bosses , and left their jobs of their own accord .
ROi : So , hiring managers save a ton of time and learn in seconds who are the best candidates . Is the Topgrading Snapshot expensive ? BRAD : $ 25 ! ROi : How can our readers learn more about Snapshot and Topgrading ?
BRAD : Readers can go to our website at www . Topgrading . com and download a free eBook , Topgrading 301 , to learn about the Topgrading process . They can also contact us directly through our website or call us at ( 847 ) -244-5544 .



For Your Hiring Headaches

HIRING HEADACHES IS “MIS-HIRING” people your single biggest headache? Four decades of research by Topgrading, Inc. indicates that it is. More than half the people you hire turn out to be disappointing, right? Why is it so hard to hire great performers? Candidates for hire can lie on their resumé and during interviews and get away with it. Fortunately, FW&R2R&rFFB0fW'V7FW6RFB&֗6W2F'W@VƖ֖FRF6R֗2ֆ&RVF6W2$'&BW"62FVv@VG&VG2bFW6G2bvW'2pFW6RFRFw&Fr6BfrF77W&R&r7B( ( W'22FPFw&Fr66B6WFrƖRWFFVBFW'fWs%$CN( 2BFW'fWrB@FW7BB2ƖR7FF&BƖ6Ff&'WBN( 2&Vǒ7V6f"7F'FW'2B2( G'WF6W'V( FBFfFW26FFFW2FFVFRG'WF$2B&RW6VgVFF֖7FW&pFW7G2F6FFFW3W2&V6W6RFRFw&Fr66@&WfV26V6&RC66&W2vrW&f&W'2vB"66&W2vƖ'2vFf7FFW0&W7V:2vB26w27FFǒb6VR2 W BvfW2RFR6FFF^( 2gV6'7F'R6w2RrWfW'&72vV@&FRFR6FFF^( 2fW&W&f&6PbFV2vFWVgBV6.( GFV v66RvB( WGV( B6vB"f&VBf"6W6R&B$Bv6RR66VRbFW6PFw3FN( 2&VǒrrFW2@v&%$C6R7W6RR&V6VfV@GvVG&W7V:2f"66W2&W"FWƖR( ( W"&W7V:0&V6W6RFRrW&f&W'2F2vWƖVBFB&VƗGg'W7G&FW2FRV6W@bWfW'&rvW"RW7B6V@FVVF涖rFVf"6VFpFV"&W7V:B6FVF6WFRFPGF6VBƖ6Ff&FW6VBPFR6WFVBf&BvR6VBRFV Fw&Fr66G2֖WFW2P6WB&RF&VR"fW"bFR&W7@6FFFW2B6FVRrFW6P6FFFW2&R&66ǒW7B@6'&RFR&vB6'&vRfPw&VB&Fw2'FV"&76W2BVgBFV '2bFV"v66&B$6&rvW'26fRF`FRBV&6V6G2v&RFR&W7@6FFFW22FRFw&Fr66@WV6fS%$CC#R$r6W"&VFW'2V&&P&WB66BBFw&Fs%$C&VFW'26vFW"vV'6FR@wwrFw&Fr6BFvBg&VPT&Fw&Fr3FV&&WBFPFw&Fr&6W72FW666F7@W2F&V7FǒF&VvW"vV'6FR"6W2@Cr#CBSSCB7W&Pf"W &rVF6W0