Confident ROi Spring 2018 - Page 15

BAT_MAP CORE ALIGNMENT & BOLT_ON TOOLS needed some system that forced us into alignment with two 50/50 partners. When we were not perfectly aligned on objectives and priorities, our efforts were not synergetic.” TECHMD used a trained EOS facilitator for the first two sessions and then they decided to implement on their own. A key component of EOS was tracking KPIs but not forty. EOS recommended the leaders visualize they were on an island and could only receive limited information. Which KPIs would best tell them how the company was performing? They culled their KPIs, and questioned whether they were driving decisions and behaviors that would deliver value to customers and increase operating cashflow. They already measured customer satisfaction by using Net Promoter Score (NPS) and they measured the length of time to complete service requests, but they felt like something was missing that could drive behaviors to achieve desired outcomes. Mark developed a new KPI to measure whether TECHMD engineers were proactively improving the performance of customer networks and workstations, reducing customer tickets before they occurred. The new KPI improved customer satisfaction and company profitability. TECHMD was gaining momentum, “but it was EOS in conjunction with Traction. Tools that really helped us accelerate the implementation of EOS and get the most out of it.” Sebastian explained how the online Traction.Tools made administering EOS easy and saved time. During the first six months something wonderful happened, teams within the company started self-implementing EOS. They could see how the executive team was using it effectively. There was no directive to implement EOS but it happened on its own. This was a true self-implementation. Sebastian estimates EOS has easily generated more than a 10x ROI for the company. Traction. Tools costs $300 per month while saving more than 20 hours a month of administration time at blended $50 per hour rate. This generates more than a 2x return for the company. After the all hands-on deck moment, and everyone pitching in to increase sales, Sebastian realized the outside business development role was more personally fulfilling while Mark liked focusing on making continual improvements to operations. During one phone call, they realized switching roles would be better for them and the company. Now at the end of the first quarter of 2018, the line of credit is paid down, the sales pipeline is full, and the business partners are in more fulfilling roles. Sebastian is “proud of how we are running it as a team. The difficult times were a catalyst for the company to mature,” Sebastian seemed to have only one regret, “I wish we would have adopted EOS earlier….” (For a more detailed description of Core Alignment Tools such as EOS and other systems, the book Transform Your Company, provides the first comprehensive overview of these tools.) TECHMD’s training room wall tracks its evolution since inception. 15