Conference News September 2021 - Page 47

47 Partner column


ASP ’ s Jon Benjamin on why our united industry will continue to evolve despite the efforts of the pandemic and its annoying new buddy , the ‘ pingdemic ’.
f you were a child in the eighties who loved music , nothing was worse than looking down at your Sony Walkman and seeing that your beloved cassette tape was in the process of getting stretched , chewed up and even eaten by your battery-hungry portable music player .
It was hard to imagine a time where you wouldn ’ t be recording your favourite chart hits on a Sunday evening from the radio using a trusted cassette tape . Yet , here we are in the present day getting cross with Alexa for not playing the right New Order song while the trusted tape is now seen as a thing of nostalgia .
The past 18 months has seen our industry having to be as agile and nimble as Olympic gold medalist Tom Daley , as we dived into the world of virtual events .
Prior to the pandemic , the events industry was one that , in the main , was held on the show floor . It was live , it was face-to-face , and it had been that way with little change for decades .
With the pandemic doing its best to drown our industry , it has been incredibly inspiring to see how organisers and suppliers have worked together and quickly evolved and transformed their businesses so that they remain forever relevant , rather than going the way of the cassette tape .
ASP has used these past months to work closely with exhibition and conference organisers while utilising our 23 years ’ experience in event tech , to launch our new visitor and exhibitor event interaction platform , Gateway .
A fully integrated lead-generation product designed to assist both event marketers and commercial teams throughout the year , Gateway empowers the visitor to choose how they engage with your content all in one place , without the need for multiple platforms and logins .
Through empowering visitors to create their own user profiles , event audiences will be able to network , build custom lists of products and exhibitors , while seamlessly adding meetings and talks to their personal calendar .
At ASP , we know we can ’ t rewind to a time before the pandemic , but with products like Gateway , we look forward to helping our clients fast-forward to the future of events . CN www . conference-news . co . uk