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NO PLAN B company . From supply chain to employee engagement , the process looks into the minute details of how a business operates .

Danny Pecorelli , managing director , Exclusive Collection , said : “ From my side , it has been a vigorous journey of accreditation always with people and planet at the heart . B Corp categorise in five
Cameron Roberts analyses B Corp certification by speaking to businesses who have been through the ringer to be sustainable
ow do you know if you organisation is being sustainable ? Is it the optics of being seen to be eco-conscious ? Do you notice that employee wellbeing is top of the agenda ? Or do you just believe the internal comms that the organisation is ?
Anecdotal measurements for sustainability are all well and good , but to efficiently and reliably measure change , businesses need a credible signposting process to show clients and internal stakeholders what they are doing to push sustainable practices .
Conference News spoke to numerous organisations that had achieved the certification about what the process involves and what tangible benefits businesses can reap from becoming sustainably accredited . Representatives from OrangeDoor , Exclusive Collection and HeadBox all spoke about the importance of sustainability both internally and externally for their businesses .
What is B Corp ? The official tagline for becoming a
B Corp is that “ a business has to be verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance , transparency , and accountability ”.
In essence , B Corp certification is a stamp of approval that a business is sustainable across multiple fronts . It ’ s not just an events qualification ; businesses across a variety of sectors are jumping through the hoops to be recognised as being at the forefront of sustainable practices . The organisation behind the certification , B Lab UK , claims there are more than 5,000 B Corps around the world , across 154 industries that employ more than 412,500 workers . The point being that sustainable recognition is not just a nice to have , it has tangible benefits across the value chain for a variety of sectors .
Applying to be a B Corp is a rigorous , points-based , process which analyses numerous aspects of the business to ascertain a score to denote the sustainable chops of a
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