Conference News December/ January 2022 - Page 50

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The Department for Digital , Culture , Media and Sport ( DCMS ) took its Future Tech Forum to the Science Museum . CN learns more
he DCMS took its Future Tech Forum to London ’ s Science Museum on 29-30 November . The event facilitated frank exchanges between democratic governments on future public policy issues and discussions on emerging developments in the sector , identifying public policy gaps , areas for collaboration and issues requiring further exploration . There was also a need to build consensus on the most significant shared challenges relating to the development and use of future technologies , and the role of governments , the private sector , and other stakeholders in addressing them while increasing assurance that tech will champion open society values . The event ’ s organiser answers Conference News ’ questions :
Who attended ? We had around 200 delegates attending per day , including ministers , government officials and senior representatives from industry , academia , and civil society .
Did Covid affect this event in any way ? The event was designed to be an invite-only , in-person forum with an option for a small number of virtual attendees . Due to Covid , the event dates were moved from September to November to maximise in-person attendance .
How did you feel about organising an event post-pandemic ? Did you implement any Covid measures ? Management of events during the pandemic has become another factor to consider in the overall planning for events and we would anticipate that this will continue for some time . We introduced a range of Covid measures , including an International Event Exemption due to the type and travel requirements of an international audience . www . conference-news . co . uk