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9 Connected Capital
( Medicine continued ). The Healthcare Leadership Council is a national coalition of CEOs from all medical disciplines . It is based in Washington , DC , which is also home to 180 medical associations , organisations and foundations .
As a champion of data confidentiality , DC is uniquely positioned to inform the future of health information management .
Michael V . Wilson , division director , convention and meeting planning , at the American Veterinary Medical Association , has said that DC ’ s access to medical thought leaders , such as the U . S . Surgeon General , was a “ definite advantage ” for his organisation . “ The Surgeon General ’ s platform on One Health , supporting the idea that the health of people and animals are interconnected in our shared environment , was right in line with our keynote session and added to a successful convention ,” he said .
Greater Washington is also mission control for the Cancer Moonshot initiative to accelerate research .
The Life Sciences are particularly well funded by venture capital and supported by strong advocacy in DC , where there is also grant funding from government agencies for the sector . The strength of the research sector and the ease of crossover of innovation into business is illustrated by the 170 biotech start ups in ‘ DNA Alley ’. These start ups are able to apply for government incentives and employ 60,000 staff , DC Metro area is the top paying in the country for biological scientists .
All this makes for a strong destination platform for associations in the sector seeking knowledge transfer and keen to create legacies and pursue advocacy as part of their meeting mission .
One tangible product of the talent in the sector is the numerous medical instrument patents produced in the area .
The pandemic has put extra focus on the BioHealth Capital Region , consisting of Maryland , Virginia and DC , which is home to 20 % of the top influencers worldwide in vaccine development .
Medimmune is the global biologics R & D arm of AstraZeneca and its HQ is located in Maryland .
There are 21 higher educational institutions in the Greater Washington region , and DC is the second most educated city in the U . S . according to CNBC . This provides a powerful base for fostering future generations of thought leaders . Dozens of education associations and groups are based in DC and there are many organisations focusing on new teaching methods , such as DC Equity Lab , Citybridge Foundation and National Implementation Research Network .
One of many illustrations of the region ’ s pioneering spirit in medical advancement is DC ’ s Gallaudet University , the world ’ s only barrier-free university for deaf and hard-of-hearing students .
The business of realising sustainable projects is also the business of DC , which has built a green track record for both living and meeting , with more LEEDcertified buildings than any other city in the U . S .
The authorities know to lead by example and walk the renewables walk in the corridors of power now that every government building is powered by renewable energy .
Advocacy is the one piece of DC destination DNA running through all the sectors above . Whichever sector you or your delegates may be focusing on , the draw of DC is always going to include political power and leadership . It is a place where big decisions and policy directions are decided and where you will want to bring your meeting if the aim is to influence , advocate and , indeed , enlighten the legislature .
One in ten jobs in the DC region is in the federal government and there are over 11,200 lobbyists who control a $ 2.6bn spend between them .
Not only is DC home to Senators and Congressmen and women , but it is a hot house full of think tanks – 400-plus and including famous names such as the Brookings Institution and the Carnegie Endowment .
National and international associations have offices in the city and most federal agencies are headquartered in DC .
And the media roll call of outlets include ABC , CBS , CNN , C-SPAN , Fox News , NBC , POLITICO and The Washington Post .
Nowhere else in the world is there the opportunity to catch the ear of so many influencers .
This capital truly connects . Is it time to consider connecting your conference to the Washington , DC grid and power it to another level ?