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When knowledge and connectivity are synthesised , great things happen . In Washington , DC , the capital ’ s knowledge hubs are fully connected both nationally and internationally . Three major airports provide unprecedented options for airlift to bring in visitors , while advances in technology – many driven from the region ’ s academic institutions and by its community of start ups and entrepreneurs – can help connect us all in virtual mode when required . The magic ingredient in that secret sauce of connectivity in DC is the unrivalled access to decisionmakers . It is on a scale found only in Washington , DC , a city that hosts 175 embassies and institutions like the International Monetary Fund and World Bank . Here the local is truly global .
The full dimension of connections puts DC firmly in the super-fast lane for hosting business events across a range of industries and sectors .
Core and emerging sectors in the capital include Medical , Education , Technology , Biotech / Pharma , Sustainability , Transportation , and of course , Government Advocacy .
Meeting organisers can leverage DC ' s connectivity to drive attendance at their events , and they can access a talent pool of keynote speakers , take advantage of technical tours for their delegates and offer them unique opportunities to develop hands-on learning with experts . This could include workshops on topics such as regulation or research grant / funding .
Let ’ s take a closer look at some key sector clusters and their powers for igniting event success :
There are an estimated one thousand-plus tech start ups located in DC , according to Business insider and the Bureau for Labour Statistics ranks the city No . 1 for high-tech employment . Dell has ranked DC the third most future-ready U . S . city economy .
Such credentials testify to the excellent prospects for delegate boosting in the innovation capital . Organisers can also tap into a deep and expert pool of speakers on the tech theme and there are numerous specialists working at the cutting edge of R & D , many of whom can contribute to content programmes .
The strengths of the DC tech hub offers the opportunity to elevate your meeting to the next level , including tapping into sponsorship dollars and growing the delegate base .
The latest technology is evident in local best-in class facilities and new studios and services for running hybrid meetings . New meeting formats can be used to connect their attendees near and far .
DC also provides a hothouse environment for bringing projects to scale through local partnerships , including with government .
Medical meetings coming to DC have easy access to the nation ’ s top hospitals and to the National Institutes of Health . There are medical thought-leaders and decision-makers in abundance as well as a large pool of potential delegates .