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DC extends a wide Washington welcome to all its visitors and the meetings menu of things to do post event is as diverse as the people who make the region the rich tapestry of cultures it is today .
Local businesses are proud ambassadors of DC ’ s claims to be a place that promotes and validates diversity , equity and inclusion ( DEI ).
Planners and visitors , are able to tap into a new DEI hub resource ( Washington . org / dei ) to find ideas for taking full advantage of the variety of experiences available in the capital ’ s DEI District and beyond .
The power of DC is all about making connections , and that includes opportunities to meet individuals from a variety of cultures , races and backgrounds .
DC has its own music genre , Go-Go , an indigenous form which traces its roots back to 1974 and Chuck Brown , pioneer of the ‘ pocket ’ style , where the percussion never stops and the vocalist performs a call-andresponse with the crowd . And , if jazz is your thing , you may wish to coordinate your trip with the famous local DC Jazz Fest .
Not only is there plenty of music for the soul in DC , but numerous opportunities to dine and shop at a multitude of Black and minority-owned establishments . The new DEI website resource lists many examples and also ten great LGBTQ + bars to check out in the city , too .
Wild Wilderness Women ( WWW ) is a DCbased group for adventurous women and acts as a landing point for both women
who are new to the area . It provides a community of sistership and appreciation of the outdoors . The WWW annual retreat , Babes Off the Beaten Path is another great connector .
The region ’ s nature is as diverse as the city ’ s culture , with inspiring public parks and gardens and a dozen national parks . There are trails to explore and 13 waterfront activities to excite visiting delegates .
There ' s a listing of socially concious venues for hosting events with purpose , including the Cambria Hotel Washington D . C . Capitol which is led by women and minorities . the Riggs Washington DC ' s kitchens work with local charities and the hotel is a big supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement .
The learning element of DC ’ s DEI scene is reinforced by the work of the network of museums which offer classes and opportunities to get involved with specialist groups and in sustainability projects . The National Museum of Women in the Arts is one great such resource that champions women through the arts in a region that is also is the No . 1 in the U . S . for women to build careers in technology .
Charities such as Inner City Inner Child and Horton ’ s Kids are open to active collaboration and always have room for groups wishing to create a legacy .
The diversity can be explored also in the city ’ s architecture and in its unique neighbourhoods . U Street stands out and dates from the end of the 1800s . the neighbourhood developed into an epicentre of African American life in the first half of the 20th century and has had a major influence on the music and arts scene through theatres such the Lincoln and Howard . Famous jazz musician Duke Ellington got a start there and the long-famous Ben ’ s Chili Bowl still serves its renowned half-smoke chili dog today .
We have established that DC ’ s diversity is reflected in representation on Capitol Hill and right across its industries and businesses , where it is extremely common to see BIPOC and women in leadership roles .
It all means there is no better place to connect your interest group to DC ’ s local experts and speakers , such is the diversity of backgrounds in the community and the washington . org website is packed with ideas to use DC ' s diverse landscape to focus on inclusion in your own meetings mission . There are over ten Historical Black Colleges and Universities ( HBCUs ) in the region and 175 + embassies headquartered in the Greater Washington area .
But , whatever your background , interests and future goals , make sure you fully utilise Destination DC ’ s strengths as a Connected Community in all its multifaceted forms .
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