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The World Gas Conference ( WGC ) held in DC in June 2018 was a perfect showcase for demonstrating how a truly global event was able to bring the sectors leaders together to exchange information and educate policymakers right in the heart of government . The 2018 World Gas Conference took perfect advantage of DC ’ s access to both thought leaders and policymakers , with the U . S . Secretary of Energy as a keynote speaker .
For the first time in 30 years the United States held the presidency of the International Gas Union ( IGU ) and it was simultaneously the 100th anniversary year of the American Gas Association ( AGA ), the host organisation for the 2018 WGC .
A national example of a major U . S . association optimising access to the whole gamut of expertise and influence in DC , was the DC-based American Geophysical Union ( AGU ), which held its annual meeting in the capital for the first time in December 2018 . The 28,000-attendee event was an eye-opener for the scientific organisation , like AGA , celebrating its centenary year .
“ We put key individuals in front of them within our community who have specific ties to their industry ,” Destination DC , president and CEO Elliott L . Ferguson II said . “ They had no idea of the talent that they could access through us .”
With AGU returning in 2024 , Ferguson added that DC ’ s Connected Capital ’ s ultimate
ROI is that groups “ have a great meeting and want to come back to DC because of the partnership they have with us .”
DC continue to welcome international meetings of all sizes and showcase the significant economic impact they have on the city .”
The Infectious Diseases Society of America ( IDSA ) brought its congress , IDWEEK 2019 to DC for five days in October , with 10,000 in attendance . Estimated economic output exceeded $ 16m , both direct and indirect , with the event supporting over 3,000 jobs .
Advocacy highlights included a $ 50m increase for the President ’ s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and a $ 41m increase in USAID global TB programme .
The Society continued to make a positive difference with its Vaccine Awareness Program social media campaign trending # 1 on Twitter in DC , # 5 in the U . S ., and # 28 worldwide - # WhyIVaccinate .
Legislative successes included getting the VACCINES Act introduced to both the Senate and House as the important question of vaccine hesitancy was addressed right in the corridors of power . And the opportunity was also seized to introduce the Protecting Seniors Through Immmunization Act to both houses of Congress .
Ad astra with AIAA : The 2019 International Astronautical Congress hosted by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics ( AIAA ) was another terrific success , bringing nearly 7,000 attendees to DC over five days in October 2019 .
The estimated economic output for the city exceeded $ 13.5m both direct and indirect , and over 2,400 jobs were supported in DC .
Two major conference highlights included then vice-president Mike Pence confirming the U . S . plans to land the first woman and next man on the Moon by 2024 , and the ceremonial handover of a special donation by HAKUTO ( Japanese lunar lander project ) to the National Air and Space Museum , for its new exhibition , featuring artifacts from the emerging commercial space sector .