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Connected Capital



Conde Nast has described Washington , DC as ‘ the city that ’ s got it all ’. More than that , it has it all on a very manageable scale .
In DC , the modern business of conference connectivity ‘ work ’ meets the latest in leisure and ‘ play ’.
Blending the terms ‘ business ’ and ‘ leisure ’, ‘ bleisure ’ has , for a while , denoted the combination of business travel and leisure travel , all in one trip .
EXPERIENTIAL AGENDA Delegates have always appreciated extending a business trip by a day or two , particularly when the business agenda can morph into a complementary leisure agenda . In fact , today ’ s savvy planner is skilled at weaving the experiential agenda right into the very framework and DNA of the business agenda .
After Covid-related restrictions , the urge to explore and mix business with pleasure is likely to be magnified . Washington , DC is a region with cultural and entertainment highlights to supplement its economic
and political pull .
SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION Sixteen museums , galleries and the National Zoo encompass the Smithsonian Institution . All free to enter and popular with visitors of all ages , most also feature premier event space . While wandering around town , marvel at the city ' s architecture , which features a range of styles from Neoclassical to Brutalism , and much more in between .
The Library of Congress , high on the tourist itinerary , is also an awe-inspiring space for uniquely DC events .
The city ’ s many free monuments and memorials at the heart of the city spark a compendium of memories , ideas and emotions , and include the United States Navy
Capitol with Wine
Memorial , the Martin Luther King , Jr Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial .
THE ARTS INSPIRE The city is home to a worldclass theatre and performing arts scene . From the grandeur of the Kennedy Center to the National Theatre and Warner Theatre downtown , to the Southwest Waterfront ' s Arena Stage and Anthem , the arts inspire .
For those who prefer sports , there are numerous golf courses and tennis centres in DC , in addition to endless biking , hiking and walking trails .
While the popular hotel brands are all represented , there are many historical gems where one can lay both the meeting and the leisure
The Wharf
hat , including the Willard Intercontinental and the Hay-Adams , as well as the upmarket Dupont Circle and Thompson .
Local restaurants and a variety of cuisines are too numerous to mention and the offer is truly cosmopolitan . Michelin regards DC ’ s food scene so highly that it produced a custom guide for the city .
Getting to and around is easy : Washington , DC has three international airports easily accessed from the city centre . Ride the Metro or hop on a bike and explore all that the capital has to offer . You can even paddle on the Potomac or Anacostia river if you really want to feel the ebb and flow of the city .
For planners , embracing the bleisure travel culture is sure only to encourage attendance to your event . Attendees are more likely to leave with memorable experiences . DC is the capital of free . Visit www . washington . org for a list of 100 free things to do in the capital and plenty of creative ideas to get the most out of the destination .