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A city where local innovation meets global leadership
Washington , DC gives a perfect solution to the conundrum of whether the key to success is what you know or whom you know , by delivering both to the event planner . Knowledge and access are the most valuable currencies for any meeting and the nation ' s capital is the place to be to both influence and court the influencers . The advocacy capital of the world drives success for business events . The multitude of important offices , institutions and organisations based in the capital , provides a highly visible platform and ultra-connective backdrop for any top conference . DC is populated with influential people in a variety of fields , all close at hand and able to help boost both attendance and ROI effectiveness for any meeting . Tapping into DC ’ s network of global policymakers , regulators , and trade advocacy organisations can only add value for your attendees .
The city ’ s world-class technology can connect your attendees , near and far , to the global community of industry experts and policymakers found only in Washington , DC .
Benefit from DC ’ s strong core of sectors including education , technology , medical , sustainability , transportation and government advocacy . These industries all provide a deep well of talent and resources , including expert speakers , investors , policymakers , regulators and prospective industry sponsors . Washington is an epicentre of think tanks and both national and international associations . The city ’ s local is global , home to 175 + embassies , the IMF , The World Bank and many more global organisations . To set the landscape , some notable highlights and events with proven success in DC follow .
• There are over 11,200 lobbyists in Washington , DC with an annual spend topping $ 2.5bn
• Approximately 400 think tanks are located here , including the Brookings Institution , Aspen Institute and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace .
• Business associations are a top sector , alongside pharmaceuticals / health products , insurance and electronics ( Center for Responsive Politics ).
U . S . Capitol Building
• The American Association for Cancer Research and over 300 national organisations host the Rally for Medical Research Hill Day , calling on policymakers to make funding for National Institutes of Health a national priority .
• The Washington Auto Show ’ s Mobility Talks International conference gathers global policy makers to exchange ideas on best practices related to the development and regulation of connected and autonomous vehicles .
• The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference works to advance the global Black community by developing leaders , informing policy and educating the public .
• International Gas Union leaders at the 27th World Gas Conference focused on educating policy makers on the importance of gas in an increasingly carbon constrained environment .
• Destination Capitol Hill in April is the U . S . Travel Association ’ s premier legislative fly-in to educate policymakers about the economic impact of travel .
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