Conference Dailys TRADETech Daily 2018 | Page 34

THETRADETECH DA I LY THE OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF TRADETECH 2018 What to look out for at this year’s event WHETHER YOU ARE AN INDUSTRY VETERAN OR A NEWCOMER TO THE EVENT, THE SHEER NUMBER OF PANELS AND STREAMS CAN BECOME OVERWHELMING, SO HERE ARE SOME OF THE KEY DISCUSSIONS AND SPEAKERS YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS. MUST-SEE PANELS DAY ONE 9:05 – What impact has MiFID II had on market structure and how will this alter trading behaviour in 2018? The first panel discussion of the day addresses the very visible elephant in the room: MiFID II. A panel of cross-industry par- ticipants will chew over the new market structure dynamics, accessing new sources of liquidity, and how those on the buy- side are readjusting to these evolved services and positioning of the sell-side community. As is the case when discussing regulatory matters, dissenting opinions will probably be kept to a minimum, but a few barbed comments may sneak through regardless. 11:05 – How is the current SI regime impacting access to market and liquidity? Systematic internalisers have been a bugbear for many industry participants since they were first mooted as the replacement for crossing networks, and time hasn’t eased any of that tension yet. This panel should provide some fascinating insights into how various participants and service providers are handling the change, with speakers from Goldman Sachs, Citadel Securities, Exane BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse and Virtu Financial, among others. 17:50 - Dragon’s Den for FinTech: Who are the FinTechs redefining the future of financial technology? In a break from the usual panel of finance bodies discussing the need for new technology blood in the industry, a panel of experts will instead take pitches from four FinTech start-ups that have five minutes to prove their worth. A live audience vote will determine the winner in a showcase of the best of what the European technology scene has to offer the financial markets. DAY TWO 10:55 – Women in trading think tank (and the men who support them) Limited to 40 participants Diversity and gender equality is one of the most pressing issues facing the industry right now, particularly in the face of some damning revelations regarding pay gaps on the buy-side. Headed up by Julia Streets and Adam Conn, the discussion will explore how firms can gain a competitive advantage and offering practical ideas on the opportunities increased inclu- sivity provides the industry. 14:40 – Man and machine: how to strike the perfect balance to create a truly efficient and intelligent investment process Machine learning overtook blockchain as the industry’s most hyped technology last year, as financial firms either vaunted their existing systems or hunted down the latest advancements to optimise their processes. One thing is always clear when it comes to machine learning though: Balance is key. This cross-industry panel will discuss the best ways to combine the benefits of human intuition and experience with technological speed and processing power. 16:20 – The crystal ball: how will global capital markets evolve in an era of ever-changing political risk? The political landscape has become the most unstable and unknown factor for the capital markets, liable to change at a moment’s notice. Industry participants and regulatory representatives will attempt to tackle how best to handle the risks associated with the UK’s departure from the EU and further fragmentation of the European bloc, President Trump’s drive for deregulation and what this all means for day-to-day trading. SPEAKERS TO WATCH OUT FOR: John Marsland – Schroders The COO, Investments at Schroders is making his first speaker appearance at a TradeTech event, taking part in two panel dis- cussions. On day one, Marsland will be taking part in the How to consolidate data to make smarter and compliant trading deci- sions panel discussion, while day two will see him participating in the How to ensure the trading desk is part of the complete investment life cycle and adds true value panel session. Sanoke Viswanathan – JP Morgan The buzz around machine learning and artificial intelligence is louder than ever and finding the gems that provide demon- strable value to the trading process is no easy task. JP Morgan CIB’s chief administrative officer will be discussing how to revolutionise the business with machine learning to ascertain where automation makes sense. His thoughts on the use of deep learning should be particularly insightful. Seth Merrin – Liquidnet The founder and chief executive of Liquidnet has been absent from TradeTech for the pa